Monday, January 19, 2015

The World Through A Child's Eye

You've had that moment. You can't find your camera anywhere. That's when you discover your three-year-old in the next room holding it. And about 50 new pictures. If you are like me, I used to delete all of them right away. I mean, all of those close ups of the floor, TV, and whatever else my child found interesting, are taking up memory.

But then I realized I was holding in my hand what my child thought was important. These were things that he thought, "Hey, this is so cool I have to take a picture." Some of them are actually quite artsy. A lot of them aren't. But it is what it represents that I find so important.

The world looks different from two feet closer to the ground. And I want a place to share that world. Not only does it look different from different heights, but also from different maturities, and different genders. I will post pictures taken from my own small children, but that is only two worldviews. And frankly, my 18 month old isn't quite ready to be trusted with a camera. I would love for others to send me their pictures so we can experience an unending supply of worldviews together.

I'll get us started with a few of my own that my four year old son took.

A nice view of our old couch and the interesting stuff that collected on it

I'll be honest. I have no idea what this is a picture of. But it's kind of cool, right? Kinda?

Part of one of our Christmas decorations

Another part of the same Christmas decoration. He really liked this one.

The interesting assortment that has collected on our old kitchen table

Feet are so interesting, especially when they are your own

I'm glad I made the cut for what classifies as photo worthy

What do your children find interesting? I'll be posting on this blog once a week, and I'd love to see your pictures next! Contact me via the right sidebar and we'll change the world together. One picture at a time.

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  1. Awesome! I love the pictures of the ornament. I have some pictures Addie took I can send you. I do love what rhey take pictures of!